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Welcome to the Unofficial Storybooth wiki! We're trying our best to add information about the videos, storytellers, etc. Have fun adding more information!


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  1. No using inappropriate words, such as f***, s***, c****. (lgbt words are allowed such as gay or lesbian)
  2. Please make constructive edits such as adding a picture of the related topic of the page (An example of that can be adding a picture of Dante) Just don't make any non-constructive edits such as adding wrong information to the page.
  3. No homophobia.
  4. Vandalism is not tolerated, because it is serious and you can face consequences such as getting your account blocked permanently and being reported to VSTF for this behavior.
  5. Please don't harass anybody in the wiki.
  6. You can run for chat mod, or discussion mod if you didn't break any rules and that you know how to behave appropriately.
  7. No racism.
  8. Some stories can be inappropriate for children and some of them aren't allow in this wiki if they're too inappropriate to be on the wiki. An example can be the “I Was Made Fun Of For Being A Late Bloomer” story, due to it containing parts that are too NSFW, especially the “So then, I reached 8th grade” part. (Don't make a page for those type of stories)
  9. Have fun! (More rules coming soon)

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