My Friend Committed Suicide is told by Youtuber Katherout


Katherout shares her journey through grief, dealing with the loss of her dearest and oldest friend who gave up her fight against depression and mental illness and committed suicide. Katherine shows us that giving up is never the right answer, and that we can manage through our deepest sadnesses and losses and get to a better place.


On the First day of Kindergarten, Kathrine cried as her mother told her she would be going to daycare. While crying, a girl named Sarah had came up to her to talk to her. Ever since then, Sarah and Kathrine have been best friends for 15 years. They would often ride their bikes to meet up with each other since they live 2 blocks away from each other. They would go to Costco, school dances, and even graduated together. During their sophomore year at college, Sarah developed depression and mental health issues. During winter break, Sarah went to seek help, but was still suffering. Kathrine did everything she could do to make sure Sarah was supported. Sadly, she committed suicide after 5 months of depression. Kathrine struggled with the loss of her best friend. As she grieved, some of her friends from college helped her out by making dinners for her or even giving her a hug. She ended up going to a therapist for help. The therapist gave her some books about grief and healthy ways to deal with the pain. Kathrine finishes her story by saying to not finish your story with a period, finish it with a semicolon


  • Kathrine's YouTube can be found here
  • Sarah's obituary can be found here
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