My Anxiety Disorder is a story told by Youtuber Jessi Vee


In this story, YouTuber Jessii Vee shares her experience with panic and anxiety, how it started, where it went, and how she handles it - which she does!


Jessii Vee was a nervous and shy kid. She'd have rather stayed with her mom and her dad that go to school. The more older she got, the more worse her anxiety became. She couldn't answer a question in class because she feared of being wrong and embarrassing herself. When the teacher called on her, she stuttered but got the question correct. In eight grade, when Jessi was called to present her project, she accidently tripped over someone's foot knocking into the projector and falling on her face.

When high school came around, she struggled to meet new people so she would always go to the library for lunch, Their were a few times she had to eat in the bathroom stall since the library was full of people. She developed a fear of crowds. She could sit in a classroom for only minutes before a panic attack. When going to see the school counselor, she gives her passes so that anytime she feels like having a panic attack, she can go right away. As she started to use the passes, people started questioning why she left class often. While at the movie theaters with her mother and sister, she started having a panic attack due to the many people in the room, so they had to leave during the movie. She went to see a therapist, the therapist told her she had a anxiety disorder. Jessi's life started to change. She became more comfortable in class, she was able to sit in a movie without a panic attack. She has even spoken at meet and greets.

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