Here you will find all of Daphne's appearances in (almost) every story made by Storybooth. We're still looking for any appearances that Daphne has made, as finding her in every story made by Storybooth is a tough task for us.


Time Story Spotted
Daphne Looking at Ainura K..png
1:38 I Got Caught Cheating in School! Looking at Ainura K. asking her how she got the broom.
Daphne with a line of people from other races.png
2:42 Bullied With a line of people from other countries/races.
Daphne saying awesome towards Tyler.png
1:35 I Decided To Be Myself And Won A Dance Contest Saying to Tyler and his friend that they did "awesome" in the Dance contest.
Daphne riding on a horse in the Merry-Go-Round with McKenna.png
1:54 Jurassic Park River Ride Scared Me On a Merry-Go-Round horse with McKenna.
Jessii Vee talking to Daphne.png
3:11 My Anxiety Disorder With Jessii Vee reaching out towards her.
Daphne with two other girls.png
1:01 How I Realized I was Bi With two other girls.
Daphne dancing next to Aileen.png
1:31 The Dancing Queen - School Dance Battle Next to Aileen. However, she's instead called "Mary" by Aileen, and she plays a role by pushing Aileen to see if she could dance for the audience.
Daphne as a picture hanging on the wall.png
2:14 Adopted! As a picture hanging on the wall.
Daphne in a line of people waiting to go into the Twister ride.png
0:14 Totally Gross Twister Ride Waiting with a bunch of people on a line to go to the Twister ride.
Daphne about to turn into the Pink Power Ranger.png
2:11 Being the New Kid in School With some books. She then drops them to transform into the Pink Power Ranger.
Daphne waiting to go to the bathroom.png
0:41 I Threw Up on the Mean Girl at School Waiting to go the bathroom while holding her pee and her books in her hands.
Daphne in a room with Sydney.png
2:17 Mean Mom In a room with Sydney. She then applauds to her.
Daphne giving a soccer ball to Aneeka.png
1:07 I Am NOT A Terrorist! - Mean Kids At School Giving a soccer ball to Aneeka. She then follows Aneeka and her friend to play soccer.
Daphne concerned about Erza.png
1:25 I Got Pantsed! - Embarrassing Wedgie Prank With the girl's basketball team. She is concerned about Erza, and then makes a disgusted face towards him.
Daphne Key.png
1:11 My Dad And I Were Homeless and Had to Sleep in Our Car On the park bathroom key.


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